Aileen Adalid Earning $70,000/Month through Freelancing


Managing work-life balance is really a difficult without freelancing

. However, there are stories like Aileen Adalid that reveals the success of people managing work-life balance through freelancing. Aileen Adalid is the recent success story of work-life balance. Aileen Adalid was working in a bank earning just $300, however, she was not satisfied with her salary and work-life balance. She quit her job and started freelancing in web designing, online marketing and graphic designing. Freelancing helped her to double her income, manage work-life balance and pursue her craze of travelling and entrepreneurship. She traveled to different countries of Europe and Asia and worked as well. In Belgium she researched an idea and became a successful entrepreneur by starting her Amazon Affiliate business. She is earning $70,000 per month through her business and $5000 per month from her travel blog which is one of the famous youth and travel blogs. Freelancing helped her to achieve her financial goals, to manage her work-life balance and to pursue her dream of traveling.

Aileen traveling
Aileen Adalid traveling

Before quitting her job, she packed herself with necessary things i.e. experience, some savings, skills and above all passion. You can’t be successful in freelancing if you don’t have the passion for freelancing. freelancing requires a lot of patience and stamina. She did that and achieved her goals. She found stable and permanent client for her freelance work and this doubled her income. After working for a year in freelancing, she started her business and moved to Belgium on student visa. In Belgium she left her graduate school sooner after getting partner visa to focus on her business and to start traveling. She captured UK and US markets for her business. She also mentioned the importance of mentors and said that it is important to get guidance from like-minded persons to become successful in your business. She had plans to travel entire world and she already visited 25 countries.

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  1. karam ullah

    but her travelog is not mentioned to check where he writes nor given a link.

  2. abdul basit

    She writes her blog with name
    ” I am aileen”

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