CSS 2016 Results: A nation’s 5000 years has been wasted

CSS 2016 Result: Another failed attempt, 9441 students failed in CSS 2016 exams. CSS 2016 resulted into the wastage of more than 5000 years of Pakistani nation. what a misery. Supposing that half of the CSS aspirants prepared for a year for CSS exams and only 202 students were successful to qualify. Half of CSS aspirants means 5000 students and this means 5000 years of a nation gone wasted.  Who is responsible for all this? Government and FPSC are responsible for this along with society’s typical approach. What are the policy makers of FPSC and CSS are doing? Every individual who have 14 years of education is eligible for CSS exams. is this a right approach? I mean what is the maturity level of a person who has just done bachelors while sitting at home, who has never been to a university, never communicated with the intellectuals. Somehow, if he/she managed to pass the CSS exams, will he/she possess the confidence to appear in front of interview panel. There should be certain rules for appearing in CSS exams while considering the benefits of students and nation. Who is being benefited in this process. Obviously government is. In CSS, 2016 exams 20717 students applied. consider the revenue that government is making through this

Total students applied for CSS 2016: 20717

Application fee= 2200

Total revenue earned by government= 20717*2200= 45.5 million rupees

Another question is the transparency in the marking system of CSS. if the instructors are so much qualified to mark the papers of CSS students. There is an optional subject added in CSS syllabus named ” Town Planning & Urban Management” and only one or 2 two universities are offering this subject and it means there will be 5,6 teachers of this subject and CSS papers are mostly marked by university students. so, who checked the paper of “Town Planning & Urban Management” in CSS 2016 exam. Government should rethink its policies of CSS exams, its age limit, qualification and transparency, otherwise we will be wasting our thousands of years next year.

CSS: Another failed attempt
CSS: Another failed attempt
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  1. is this a right approach to criticize the graduates? in developed countries graduation is a standard educational level. The one who’s sitting at home if can earn thousands of dollars and studies in secondary level then why a graduate can’t do it. All what a candidate needs is books and reading material. By the way what universities are delivering? Most of the professionals are heard stating that universities have gave us nothing but a networking. Many of the top-notching entrepreneurs were either expelled from universities or never have been to universities. Criteria is always knowledge not a platform. I would suggest you be mature enough not to astray the nation.
    There’s no failure or success in this world but only learning.

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