Facebook blocked 25 Pages on Request of Pakistani government

Facebook  blocked 25 pages on the request of Pakistan’s government in 2016.

According to the facebook , user account data requests has  increased almost 27 percent in the second half of 2016 than 1st half of 2016 . That similar trend was observed in Pakistan’s case as well .

facebook blocked 25 pages
facebook blocked 25 pages

The total data requests increased 200% during January to June 2016 as compared to 2015 first half.

According to largest social media network , Pakistani government made 719 total requests and almost 1015 account requests . Facebook has delivered 65.45% data of the requests. 28% emergency requests were compiled.

Facebook also provided information  to the Pakistani Govt. about accounts . These cases were almost 280.

Facebook also restricted access 25 pages due to violation of local Pakistani laws by the request of PTA.

These facebook pages violates local laws like ” desecration of national flags, condemnation of the country’s independence and blasphemy ” According to facebook statement.

Globally, the requests relating to account data increased from 46,710 to 59,229 compare to first six month. Almost half of these requests contained non disclosure order which banned  social network from publishing users about it.

It is important for social media network to obey with government requests due to governments and national security reasons, there should be clarity about the data requests made  and data provided to Govt.

The question was : why facebook blocked 25 pages ?

Faceook blocked 25 pages on the requests of Pakistani Govt. . These pages violates the local Govt. law.

Not only facebook blocked 25 pages but also blocked some accounts. These are almost 1,015 accounts.

providing accounts and information which is private without any notification is like privacy disaster.

At the very end, it is joly Good  to see that  Facebook is trying to be transparent and clear about the number of users whose security and privacy is damaged .



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