Google acquired FameBit

FameBit, famous market place connecting marketers with video creators has been acquired by Google today. 3 years old startup FameBit has been acquired and amount is not disclosed. FameBit acquisition can be the game changer for You tube because monetization was major problem for individual marketers and for you tube as well. FameBit acquisition will bring technology and network to the Google for servicing the brands. FameBit was founded in 2013 and has more than 25000 videos. There are 45595 creators and 11330 brands on FameBit till date. it has also raised 1.5 million dollars investment back in 2015 and major investing organizations were DeNA, 500 startups , Thirdwave digital and some others. Founders of FameBit, Kierzkowski and Kozera are looking forward for the positive outcomes through FameBit acquisition and believing that the acquisition will help them to bring more brands and creators.

Google acquired FameBit
Google acquired FameBit
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