Intermediate part 1 students scored more than 100 percent marks

Intermediate part 1 result

Intermediate part 1 result shocked everyone as some students almost got 102% marks in some subjects. One student scored 87 out of 85 marks in physics in intermediate part 1.

This is what we call transparency and this can’t be called as mistake because several cases were observed where students scored more than total marks.

Education board is playing with the future of the students because some students get very low marks. Students who have set some goals of becoming doctors, engineers failed to do that because their destiny is in the

Intermediate part 1 result
Intermediate part 1 result

hands of education sector.

Where the hell is education ministry and what the hell is it doing? I mean how is it possible that a student can score 100 out of 100 marks in English and 87 out of 85 in Physics?

Examiners Corruption

Examiners are being paid for marking every single paper. They are provided with thousands of papers to be marked in few days.

To earn some money, most of the examiners overlook the paper and judge the students’ ability from 1st question attempted. They can earn few thousands rupees but fate of hundreds of students is compromised.

Moreover, mostly examiners hand over the papers to their assistants and they mark the papers and results are evident to us. This culture should be stopped to save the future of the students.

Teachers should understand their responsibility while marking the papers and boards should now be mature to minimize those mistakes.

Role of education ministry and education department is crucial here. Education department should introduce strict policies and implement them so that these mistakes should be minimized.

Considering the fact that education minister of Punjab  is holding more than five ministries and now you can easily understand how will he be engaged in reforming the education sector.

Government should be mature while selecting ministers otherwise, these mistakes will ruin the future of our young generations.

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