Transgender in Pakistan

Transgender reflects a group  of people who enjoys the least amount of respect or rights in Pakistan.Due to the controversial nature and typical mindset of people.According to recent research about 2 percent population of Pakistan is affected by transgenderism.

Transgender Harressment Case

One case of harassment against the transgender community reported recent in Sialkot. A grotesque video surfaced on the interwebs where someone who seems like a gang leader in Sialkot,later indentified as Jajja Butt,was seen flogging a member of the transgender community,while all this abuse recorded on camera,it has since been shared thousands of times on facebook,twitter through multi pages.The police has responded fairly quickly and arrested ten personal involved in this act.Along with Jajja Butt,other member of “Tinda Group” are also in custody on crime of extortion.There has been a spike in transgressions and acts of violence against the transgender community.

Alesha’s case being one of the marked neglect in a series of cases that are forgotten or remain unreported.

As Pakistani,we need to realize that this is not merely a war that these individual have to fight they are human beings,just like us,and deserve as much of a right to education and justice and these individual have voices that are not heard by anyone.we need to be  the voice that speeks on their behalf,fight for their rights and make living for them less painful.

It was a letter sent by Nauman Khalid to the editor jursonline.

Author :

Nauman Khalid is student of LLb(hons) at International Islamic University Islamabad. 


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